I am 100% on board with the feedback model. I think it is important for feedback to be timely and given often. The only problem I have is I work in a call center environment with relationship sales people. Some of those work remotely often. There are times when I will be walking the rows or I will be observing a phone call, and I feel it would be better to privately offer the feedback to the individual. This can sometimes be difficult. There are times when I will be observing a call and need to offer feedback, or times when I am walking the rows and reps will start discussions with me that may require feedback. I feel as though if I were to tell them at that moment- can you take a walk with me it gives a bad impression and could possibly embarrass them in front of their peers. If I give them the feedback in front of their peers that could be inappropriate. If I wait until a 1x1 I could miss the opportunity for timely feedback. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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1. Take your notebook and pen that you always have with you and make yourself a note on specific feedback to give during your next O3 with the direct.

2. Deliver feedback for "private use only" as mentioned in

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Working in a similar environment, I've found call recordings to be an indispensable tool.  That way we can listen to the call together after it's over.  Then I can point out the parts of the call that need special attention.  This allows me to be more specific, and leaves no room for confusion as to what behavior I'm giving feedback on.  Without this, it's impossible to remember all that was said by both sides or exact wording that needs to change.

I've even given my directs the ability to review their recordings on their own.  My best performers have appreciated this opportunity and they use it regularly.  In these cases they tend to be harder on themselves than I am, and it has created a drastic improvement in professionalism and customer satisfaction. 

If your phone system doesn't have a recording feature, see what you can do to get one.  This has made a world of difference in managing my call center.