I recently accepted a promotion to manage a department within our organization (i.e. internal promotion). It is a tough position in a department that has known systemic issues that need addressed. Therefore, as part of discussions I asked for and was told (by my new boss) that I would receive an Officer Promotion from AVP to Second VP along with the role promotion to Manager. All this was done in a meeting (verbally) between myself and the new boss

The organization typically announces promotions at specific intervals. Therefore, my promotion was formally announced yesterday along with several other promotions. However, the formal announcement out to the organization did not include my Officer Promotion. Consequently, I emailed my boss (who is out of town) to inquire why the absence of the Officer Promotion. I was emailed back "I really don't know. Don't read anything into it.".

Any thoughts? Do I push back? If I push back how?

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For now, don't 'read anything into it." When you boss is back in town so you can catch up face to face, ask for clarification. Was this any oversight? Or did you actually get the promotion and it wasn't announced? Or has it been delayed? Or has the agreement changed somehow?

The best advice is to stay cool and not push so hard that you put your boss on the defensive (who's likely your most important ally in this).

Give your boss a chance to make good on the agreement.

If for some reason the deal has changed, the right and professional thing to do is to acknowledge that the deal HAS changed, make note of it, excel at the new assignment, and decide whether you're gonna stay with the organization, or consider going elsewhere. But all of that is for the future. Right now, wait for your boss to get back in town - and be proud that the organization thinks enough of you to give you a tough new assignment!

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I agree with you that the best approach is to stay cool and have a face to face to get clarification when the boss is back in the office. It is the smart move.

Many thanks for your insight.

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I did as you suggested. As a result I got clarification and commitment from the boss.


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Congratulations! This sounded like one of theose classic "don't push 'Send" on that email until you've slept on it" moments! I hope things really work out for you.