Can a Customer Thirst Abatement Engineer (who make 20p/hour more than Barristas) call himself a barrista on a CV/Resume when that was not the official job title ... just wondering what the group thinks about the ethics of 'white-lies' on CVs if it makes it clearer for recruiters or potential employers to understand what you actually did?

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HI there.  The MT instruction is that if your actual title is meaningless outside your company you can consider using a role title that makes sense. You aren't inflating your role or being untruthful by using barista (sp?). Because that is your role. This  is manger tools instructions that I'm passing along. I highly recommend buying the MT resume workbook. 

hope this helps, Jeanne 

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Jeanne gave the perfect advice.

But I do have to ask, is "Customer Thirst Abatement Engineer" a real job title?  I'm in the US and I can tell the OP is in the UK or a similar country.  But to me, that job title sounds pretentious and not serious, and I would be inclined to reject the resume on that account.