When do you use the collaborative vs the make a decision now approach?

There is a lot of industry press about the new way to make decisions with your direct reports is to convince, influence, urge. 

I am learning these methods at the non-profit where I curently work.  A lot of good ideas are not implemented because unless the whole team agrees nothing gets done.  I find this approach to be a little frustrating.

My 'team' laughingly refers to themselves as gerbils - they stay in their own little world and do not go anywhere fast.  Nobody really has a background in IT except that they have been threre three years.

Any suggestions on how to turn their attitude around?  When do you stop urging and just make a decision?

Thank you!

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I think if a team has an urgency about a given need then they will need a lot less convincing. I would suggest the "developing urgency on your team" and "change leadership" casts to start. You can't just bulldoze things through, but you are doing the trinity these casts might be helpful in jumpstarting the processes. Good luck! Janet