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We're hiring people, and I'm just about to get my first new hires after discovering MT, as opposed to inheriting a new department or discovering MT with an existing team on board. Do the "new manager" times apply to the new people (O3's right away, 30 and 60 days for feedback, coaching later), or should I roll out the trinity at a faster rate with my new hires?

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BLUF: the [i]manager [/i]isn't "new", the employees are...

It seem to me that the circumstances are quite different from those described in the recent casts, because in this case, [i]new [/i]people are coming into your [i]existing [/i]system (as opposed to [i]you [/i]being new to an existing system...if that makes sense... :roll: ).

So it's up to you to show 'em how things operate (and things operate this way because it's the quickest way for everyone to be successful).


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Agreed. Start right away.


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Good question. I echo the above statements. Start right away, Susan.

I schedule an O3 the very first week a new person starts. That first meeting is all about expectations. What I expect from them, what they can expect from me, the format of the O3, the feedback model, etc. The second week, we're on track with a "normal" O3.