I prefer Mark & Mike's feedback model to the one described in Ken Blanchard's "One Minute Manager". It's an interesting read, especially the one minute goal setting - but I think the manager tools approach to feedback is better than the One Minute Reprimands !
Anyone else got views on this short book ?

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It's a fairy tale! Very nice to read (only takes an hour), and it contains a certain level of useful lessons. On the other hand it also contains a lot of fiction. For instance the fact that one minute managers are "always available except on Wednesday mornings". I have learned that if your agenda is empty, you are prone to spending your time ineffectively: on urgent things rather than important things.

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Yes Rob, I agree. Although I've decided to implement Mark & Mike's 1:1's on Wednesday's in-line with the One Minute Manager's recommendation. Also I've used the "Last Week:Next Week" theme for my team meetings - maybe Team Meetings can be covered in a podcast......I'd love advice on what should be covered.

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This book is still a lot better than most managers' approaches!


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[quote="mahorstman"]This book is still a lot better than most managers' approaches!


Very diplomatic answer :lol: