I am new to management and was part of a team I am now managing. This makes things harder.
My question is, I have 8 technical report in an engineering services group. I listened to the 3 one on one pod casts but have a question... Do one on ones take away from the team theme? The reports I have work as a team so is it more important to have a staff meeting once a week or to have 8 one on ones each week? Is there a good mix?
Currently I set up a weekly staff meeting on Thursday mornings and am doing 1 one on one each week. I also make sure I touch base with each report once a day or more.
Appreciate your opinion


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We recommend a weekly staff meeting (well done you!) as well as weekly one on ones with each of your directs.

They can't substitute for one another, because their intent is completely different. One on ones are about the individual, while the staff meeting is about the team. You have both 8 individuals and a team, and you have to invest in both.

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