I need a little help here; you see a share and office with my direct. I do the feedback, coaching   and 3O. However, it is become increasing difficult to have productive 30min one on one when we share so much during the days leading up to the meetings.  How do I fix this?


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The problem is not in the O3, but outside. You are apparently disturbing each other for everything, including little things that could also wait until the O3. The way to break the habit is to talk about this and to be aware whenever this happens. As soon as this kind of mini-communication is properly guided, you will notice that you can work with better focus.

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When a matter comes up that can wait for an O3 meeting, I make a note in my O3 notebook for that direct rather than calling or sending email.

We save time during the week by avoiding the corresponding phone tag or threaded email conversations.