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Thought I'd share a note about the power of O3s and a recent experience I had. I'll keep this brief.

One year ago this week, I was promoted out from my peers to lead my team.  As of right now, I'm sitting on a plane and about to go hand my team off to a new manager at another firm (it's a long story).

When I started my team down the Manager Tools path with One On Ones, I was very worried (especially as a new manager) about the pushback I would receive.  But, I followed the guidance to the letter and out of my entire team only "Lisa" made an issue out it (but begrudgingly complied anyways).

Their soon-to-bemanager gave me a call this week and asked, "So...what are these One On Ones? Lisa said they were the best thing any manager has ever done for her."

To sum up:

  • Initially resistant direct likes O3s enought to evangelize to her new boss.
  • Manager Tools spread to another firm.

Easily the best day in the past year of being a manager.

Thanks, yet again, to the Manager Tools team for all you do.

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 Inspiring reading. =)

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 Loved the story! All the best with all the changes, Steve!

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Hello --- I'm getting ready to roll out O3s for the first time with my 12 directs. What made the difference for Lisa or when do you think she finally came around to valuing this meeting?

Is anyone aware of any statistics and/or a source for testimonials from directs that I can point my folks to in order to say "see, this has really worked for other people in your same shoes." I know there is a testimonial section of the website, but those seem to be mostly from the manager perspective.