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Scenario:  Recruiter says resume is too short (one pager as recommended by Manager Tools) and states it needs to be 2 or 3 pages to contain more detail.

The recruiter is the one that is submitting you to various companies.  You do not have direct contact with the companies unless an interview is scheduled.  The recruiter also said no cover letters. 

Would you adjust your resume or stick to the Manager Tools format and ditch the recruiter?

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...adjust your resume for this recruiter and preserve the relationship.  You have sufficient experience to develop a longer resume...the result won't be so narrowly focused on a *specific* role as the one page MT format and the recruiter will have additional background information that may lead to new opportunities.

You never know.

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It sounds like they may want to "shop you around" to try and find a fit in a variety of fields.  Or they know the hiring manager for a specific opportunity prefers longer resumes...

The longer resume gives them the extra info they need to target it to a variety of opportunities.  I think it's okay if you feel this recruiter can connect you with good opportunities.  Hopefully they will edit it to make it fit whatever position they're submitting for.

I believe the MT one-page resume is great when you apply for a specific position and you tailor it to that position.  The recruiter would probably be at a disadvantage finding a good fit for you if the only information they have on you is in a pretty specific one-page resume.

That's just my opinion.


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Thanks for the responses.



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thanks for these tips . i remember it.

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Thanks for this useful tips of resume writing. Its really helpful for job searching.