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Is anyone aware of a Mastermind group that is online based that is free or a low cost and meets reguarly?   We tried doing a similar activinty at my work, and there was a lack of interaction so it was stoped after 3 weeks.  I would to try attending a effective on to see if they work and I am also looking to improve myself. 

For people un aware of shat a Mastermind group is  a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. You typicaly cover the below 3 topics:

  • What Are You Working On? 
  • What Did You Learn? Lessons learnt by one member benefit all of us.
  • What Do You Need Help With? 
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I have been asked to join a mastermind group. This particular one is one of six in my same area. My understanding of mastermind groups is that they provide opportunity to connect with people at the same level at differenty types of business sectors. The meetings are restricted to members only and are confidential.


The price of admission can be pretty steep, starting at $5k a year and moving up over the $400,000.00 mark  annually.


Is the value commesurant with the price of admission?