This is a bit offtopic but I'm curious if anyone has any recommendations.

I'm looking for a website that I can send text messages from my phone to, for storing brief (< 140 character) notes. It's very important to me that the notes be time stampped.

As a billable consultant it would be very valuable to me if I could just send a text message somewhere that just said "arrived at client", "left client", "went to lunch", "returned from lunch", etc etc. I envision being able to send those types of text messages somewhere, and then at a later time being able to logon to the site that I sent them to and see a chronological, blog-style listing of all my notes, time stampped. I intend to use this for more than simply tracking where I am, but the point is that I want this to be very simple to use (ie., just send a text message somewhere), and have the ability to timestamp the notes automatically and sort them chronologically.

Has anyone seen anything like this?


AManagerTool's picture performs a similar function but not exactly.

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Wouldn't you prefer a time keeping application on your hand held (blackberry, Palm, etc.)
T%here are several applications available and you can get all the data downloaded into software like Quicken, Excel, etc.
It may be suit you better than texting yourself.

Just a thought.

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Wouldn't an application (maybe for your phone) made for that purpose work better?

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I have to agree. From an interface standpoint, it would be great to pair that up with data input from your PC. You enter standard tasks that you expect to be doing for the day and include a misc task. Now, all you have to do is open the app, scroll to the right button and hit it. No typing involved.

I don't know of any applications either as I describe or as you requested.

What kind of phone do you have?


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Have you checked "backpack" from 37s signals? There is a mobile and pc web application.
I personnally use it to gather notes about a project.

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[quote="jclishe"]Has anyone seen anything like this?[/quote]

That sounds like Twitter. The potential downside there is that others can read your entries. If the entries are as anonymous as the examples you gave that shouldn't be a problem, it could be if you're looking at sending more detailed messages.


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Dashwire ( will synchronize all of your text messages sent and received and is accessible through the web. It stamps text messages with the date but not the time.

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Thanks for the replies all.

Stephen, I agree 100% that it soudns like Twitter, I had that in mind. Like you mentioned the downfall is that it's open to the public, but if I used an alias than it wouldn't matter.

Another thought that I had was to create a blog on Windows Live Spaces under an alias. Live Spaces allows you to publish a blog entry via email (which I could send from my phone), and I could lock down the perms so that no one coudl read it.

Everyone else had some great ideas, but I think they're too sophisticated for what I'm looking for. I mentioned a couple of examples being when I arrived or left work, but other examples would be noting where I parked at the airport so I can find my truck when I get back from a trip, or jotting down a good song so I can buy it later on iTunes.

So far I've been using the note app that came with my phone (a Moto q9m), which does timestamp messages. The only problem is that its timestamps are based on last edited time, so if I edit something that I created a few days ago the timestamp will update.

After thinking about this for a little while, I've come to realize that my ideal application would be a very, very, VERY simplistic free-text note taking tool with ZERO features other than preserving the integrity of the timestamp that a note was created.