I've been asked to handle numerical reasoning / IT skill testing for a group of interview candidates. I am considering online tests as a way of handling this, what do you all think, and does anyone have any recommendations?

The test would be performed at our site, just prior or after the standard interviews. I can see a number of advantages to using a testing provider in this way:
1/ It provides a measurable level of performance than can be compared between candidates.
2/ Decent testing providers will be able to create more relevant tests.
3/ External providers will maintain tests; it also avoids creating an on-going job for someone at the company.
The candidates who will be taking these tests (at least initially) will be for middle management roles in the agricultural division. We don't need mathematics professors, but we need to avoid candidates who won’t be able to use the systems we’re putting in place to drive better decision making.
Any thoughts will be welcomed.

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I use eSkill.  You can develop the test you want from a large number of skills.  The test is online.  I ask my candidates to take the test after the first phone interview.  It can be delivered very inexpensively, and it can show if your candidate has the necessary skills before involving others in the interview process or bringing the candidate in.