Dear Mark, dear Mike,

I had interviews for internships at my University this week and employers had to give me a rank (from 1 to x, where x is the number of students interviewed and 1 is the best ranking).

My results? I received eight times the rank 1 on ten interviews! I've been a top performer for the interviews and because of that, I had the choice to pick any internship that interested me! 

I just wanted to thank you, because your podcasts really helped me out! Because of you, I was able to get the job I wanted! 


Thank you guys for your awesome work!
Eric Gagnon

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

We all love to hear the success stories - we know you'll do your bit to continue spreading the M-T word.

AND, don't forget that it was still you in there being interviewed - qudos to you mate!

-- Peter

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Just about every hour and a half MT gets another member. Every day about twenty people join the site.

That's 7.3K people a year. Looking forward to the notice that says they have hit 100K members. I recommend the site whenever I can. ;-)

Go M&M

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 Thank you Peter :)  It's appreciated!


Yes, I talked about MT to many of my friends, and they loved it! 

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It's a privilege to serve, and a nice treat to read of member success when flying home sick after three days of presenting on the road.  Reminds me why we're doing this.

Thanks Eric!