Hi all, quick one here - maybe someone can point me to a relevant podcast.  How should I balance the risks of joining a struggling company/industry segment against a better job title or higher salary? I'm always going to be "open to an offer," of course, but I'm not clear on what I would even be open to.

Understood that there are a lot of other factors, but all else being equal, how would you balance a current career jump against future organization/stability risk?  I have been at my current company for 10 years and they have been very successful.


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There is a series on choosing a company to work for. They are Career Tools casts. You can find it on the Map of the Universe on this pathway: Transitions>Search>Choosing a Company. You may want to listen to the cast about Industry Stability (here's the link: I know that this series really helped me! I'm fortunate that I am farily young in my career, but I've found a great company that I plan to be with for many years. 

Good luck!


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Thanks - I'm about halfway though them and it is helpful.