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I just wanted to share an insight from my job search. While it seems most senior execs I encounter are high Ds (and some Is), let's not forget there are still Ss and Cs out there.

I showed my enthusiasm to an SVP in a covering email and reminded him of his comments to me in a previous meeting 4 years ago "You also mentioned that my being proactive in my networking and making industry contacts impressed you."

I added "I would like to continue my impressive run of being proactive by avoiding HR and going right to the decision makers. Can you put me in touch with your AVP and get the ball rolling?"

Well, this enthusiasm was met with some very High C behaviour and he saw this as "Pro-active is one thing but going around our recruitment practices is another." Obviously he likes his rules!

I had a good laugh from this response and the SVP tagged my resume in the referral system, so all is good. It just is a great reminder that while we all have our obvious High behaviours, we also have the other components as well.


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Humor is a great balm! Well done and said sir.