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I'm hoping someone can help me with this resume question.

I am a senior in college and I am having some trouble figuring out how to make my work experience work with reverse chronological order. I have a couple of positions that I am holding simultaneously because I intern, work part-time, and freelance and I am also the president of a couple of organizations.

So do I group my presently held positions together? And if so, do I try to order those roles by length of employment, start date, or relevance/importance?

Alternatives: Separating employment and extracurriculars? Ignoring dates and just listing things from strongest to weakest?



Job 1 (Internship) - Feb  2010- Present 

Job 2  (Part Time Job) - June  2008- Present

Job 3 - (Freelancing) March 2008 - Present


Extracurricular Leadership - Sept. 2007 - Present 

Extracurricular Leadership - Sept. 2007 - Present 


Job 4 (Internship) - June 2010- Oct 2010 

Job 5 (Internship) - June 2009-August 2009, Jan. 2010-Feb 2010


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My preference, as a hiring manager, would be to see the positions listed as you have.  Three positions, with different start dates, all to present. That's self-explanatory.  Put the description next to each one and the accomplishment bullets below each one.  As I understand M&M's notes, you can put things that are volunteer but have real responsibilities and accomplishments listed with the real jobs, but I would lead each of those with a clear word in the description to show that it's a volunteer position.  For the stuff that's concurrent, list the most recently started one at the top. 

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... there will always be a ditz or two who just don't get it.

A hiring manager said to me last week (and this knob was a director level in a fair sized bank)... "Your resume sucks.  I don't get your resume.  How can you bounce back and forth from academia to the corporate world? It seems like you were doing some things at the same time. I don't get your value proposition.  And why don't you have any career objectives on here?"

So basically I am saying, don't drive yourself nuts over this. Do put a lot of focus on your accomplishment bullets.  If you see enough hiring managers/recruiters, many will tell you what is wrong with your resume. Ignore them and follow the MT path.