Morale is low and I don’t understand our Senior Management’s role.

As my industry is beginning to heat up in a period of price competition we have seen attrition of our revenue over the past 18 months. This has lead to restructuring and layoffs over the same period of time as a reaction to the market conditions.

Over this period of time a Division Manager has approached me in public and unsolicited. He uses sarcasms to elude that his role is not to make me fell good about what it is that I do for our organization. Also, I’m aware of at least one other person (could be more) he has done this to in my time at this organization. I do not know what I have done or did not do that would explain this Senior Manager’s behavior.

I don’t get it?

He is part of the Senior Management team of our organization. My understanding was that morale is a key concern of Senior Management.

Have things changed? :?

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Hi mwojtow,

Can you be more precise about how he approached you (what do you mean) and the kind of sarcasm ?
You describe the effect of the message on you (doubts, ...) But what was the message and more important, what was the purpose of the communication ? Did you ask him ?