Hi, as a new user to MT, I have downloaded all podcasts to iTunes and am spending my 2-hour commute listening to the fantastic content you have made available ~ Thanks!

I am, though, spending a lot of time looking for O3 or other related podcasts and wonder if it would be possible to keep the chronological feed you have going now, but also to make 'podcast theme feeds' so that one could download all 'coaching' or all 'feedback' related casts for a thorough review of your recommendations. This would be an awesome resource for anyone wanting to hone their skills on a particular tool set.

Great site, great tools, thanks a million!

in Tokyo

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Although not perfect and something that can be improved upon, if you go to the podcast list (, you'll see a drop down box at the top that permits you to filter on various categories. Feedback and One-on-Ones are in there.


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Hi Mike,

Yeh, I saw that feature, which is great if you are searching on the site; I was thinking more along the lines of dedicated feeds similar to 'manager basics.'

This would allow those on road a lot to download specic themes and keep them organized in iTunes. Having them arranged in this manner would also allow future casts on a given tool to be automatcally updated.

Although some redundancy would be natural (and desirable) with overlapping casts, the benefits of having easily downloadable podcast sets would be enormous for newbies like me.



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First, make sure you have all 200+ casts downloaded and stored in your iPod.
Second, invest in the premium content subscription.

When you have all the content available for reference, you can quickly search titles using the iPod's search feature. The premium content subscription yields the shownotes and slides which can be quickly indexed and searched when you have it all on your laptop.

Very handy.

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I can absolutely see where that would be helpful to many.

I can't commit to creating and maintaining all those feeds manually, but I'll ask our tech folks whether we can automate the creation of those feeds by topic or category.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Best Regards,

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Hello TKAE,

What themes/feeds would you like to see?

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I was struggling with this same issue this morning in my car trying to find the podcasts on the strategic planning process.

I would like to suggest an index of podcasts formated for printing.  That way, every few weeks, I could just print it off and throw it in my briefcase and I'd always have a reference ready.   Because of the way my mp3 player displays the titles in the list of tracks, please include at a minimum the release date and the podcast title.

Is that something that could be undertaken in the near future Mike?  If not, I'm thinking I'll need to make my own index.

Thanks for all that you do!  It really helps!


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I was looking for something similar, but decided to create iTunes playlists to organize the podcasts that way. 

Then you can decide where each podcast will fit and the ones that cross over defining lines can be included in more than one playlist...