This is driving me crazy, I can't figure out which episode I'm recalling. The comment I'm thinking of is regarding the message to leave on your outgoing voicemail. Keep it short and sweet, "Hi this is Jane, please leave a message." I can't remember anything else about the episode other than I liked it.

I think it may have been a CT podcast because the comment was directed at "our younger listeners" to not use a message you would use with your friends. I thought the topic was interviewing or job search, but searching titles and descriptions didn't turn up what I'm looking for. Pretty sure it was within the last 12 months.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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In the cast How to Leave Voicemail there is a discussion of "our younger listeners" and how leave a good voicemail message.

However, for a discussion of what to have on your answering machine, I believe the topic came up in the Interviewing Series. Keep it short and professional.

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I like to update my outgoing voicemail message regularly to say where I am (roughly), when I will be back and who can be contacted in my absence. I'll generally update it daily when I have extended meetings, and definitely if I am out of the office for a day or more.

It goes something like this:

"You've reached the voicemail of "insert name here". I'm meetings today from 10am to 2pm. In my absence please contact "person or department x" on "1234 5678". Or please leave me a message and I will get back to you on my return".

I find it very aggravating when I call others, leave a message and they don't call me back and I don't know where they are and how long they will be.

The first thing I do when I get back to my desk is pick up my voicemail and return the calls.

I hope this is of some help.

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 @TL - Thanks for the reply. I'm listening to How to Leave a Voicemail now, but I don't think that's the episode I'm recalling because I hadn't downloaded it before today (and I keep all past eps). Same for interview series - don't have it, so that's not where I heard it.

@Solitaire - Thanks for the input, that's pretty much what I do. I'm looking for the specific podcast episode for other information though.

I made a note to "relisten to job search podcast" (in hindsight, the lesson learned is to reference the actual NAME of episode) and the voicemail comment is the only detail specific to the episode that I can recall.

Maybe it's time for an MT marathon to try and find it. 


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In the My Space Casts (and maybe others), M&M touch on leaving digital footprints via voicemails and how to leave a professional voice mail message when leaving a message, not recording your own outgoing message.  Don't leave messages in anger or in a threatening manner or saying stupid things as in this digital age, the messages go onto a server somewhere and are likely there in perpetuity.

Some basic rules (and your company may have its own rules) on leaving an outgoing message:

  1. A clear introduction of YOURSELF.  Hi, this is Bob Jones of National Marketing
  2. Date and/or schedule.  Don't do this if you are one of those people who rarely update their VM.  It leaves a horrible impression when you hear a message like "Hi, this is Bob Jones for Tuesday, March 5) and the date is now March 13.
  3. Ask for the information you need "please leave your name, number and the nature of your request.
  4. This is iffy but was one I had to use as I supported a nation-wide system of sales people "If you are someone I don't deal with on a regular basis, please spell out your name slowly, your company name and then repeat your phone number"  You have no idea how many calls I could not return as I had no clue who the person was due to them leaving me a horrible not understandable message.


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The 'cast you're thinking of is Update Your Voicemail.

I got a voicemail today from a coworker. When I returned her call she asked if I update my voicemail message everyday. I said, "Yes, it is something I learned in some of my management training." After the second time she called it "Type A" behavior, I explained that it is good if I'm in an all day meeting with the customer or out of the office. It allows people calling me to know when they can expect me to get back with them.

After listening to the episode the first time, I started by updating my outgoing message every week. I never really built a habit of it. It would usually take me three or four tries before I was happy with it. One day I was waiting for my computer to boot up. My desk was all cleaned off and I felt like this was just wasted time as I stared blankly at the computer. That was the day that I decided I would take the full recommendation and update my outgoing message every day. I turn on the computer, log in, and as the computer boots up, I dial my voicemail and update my outgoing message. I still have time to grab a Diet Coke from the break room, say hi to a couple coworkers and get back to my desk before the computer is ready to actually get some work done.

I wanted to send my coworker a link to this episode. When I searched on "outgoing" I found this forum post and not the episode. Now that I've found the episode, I can share it with you.

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