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BLUF : When is a Panel Interview not a Panel interview ? What are your thoughts about large group presentations during the interview process ?

At our institution any position that may require doing presentations, we also expect Candidates to do a presentation as part of the interview process.

They do a 25 - 30 min presentation on a relevant topic, to show off their skills in doing presentations to large groups.


Everyone on the staff is welcome and encouraged to attend this presentation and ask questions.

Often the questions go beyond the Topic/Presentation - and move into general type interview questions.

Then attendees fill out a form about their impressions of the candidate.


* It often becomes a De Facto Panel interview with over 20 people.  Although most people do remain silent.

What are your thoughts about this ?

* Is this a good interview test for positions that will have to do presentations for large groups ?

* Is this just another kind of panel interview -- or can it be considered something different ?


Thanks for your input


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Hi Pucc,

Yes, it's a fair and insightful assessement if the role requires delivering presentations. 

And I think that the solution is simple. Before the presentation, determine who is part of the interviewing team and who is not. Anyone who is isn't part of the Interview Results Capture Meeting gets excused after the Q&A period and (politely, professionally) ignored.

The only evaluations considered are those that come from the people who are formally part of the interview process and obligated to make a hire/no-hire recommendation.