I work for a major retailer.  We hire/promote from within.  I've been in my position as as assistant department manager (ADM) for over 2 years. My department manger (DM) fully supports me for promotion.  A DM position opened up in another department and  I was ready to apply but my STORE MANAGER said that she wouldn't support me as she was looking for an existing DM to interview because the volume is $3 million (I've only managed  a $2 million department).  I was OK with that til I found out that the position was filled by the ADM of that department even though she was only in her role for less than 6 months.  Should I ask the store manager why this person was hired when she clearly told me she was looking for a DM or should I just seethe in silence?

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Do not seethe please. Also, you need to get to comfortable not being promoted before you have any conversations.

I would take the approach of self improvement rather than comparison.
   DO       - I am interested in the next DM role that opens. How can I improve my skills and be ready?
   DON'T - Why did she get it?  I have been here longer! 

I made a promotion decision a while back that looked very similar. The person I did not promote never expressed any interest in being promoted or in managing. When asked he talked about other topics that were far more interesting to him.

The person I DID promote was interested in learning to manage, he delivered on work assignments time after time, he also had a track record of personal growth that was very impressive. He was very successful and is moving to a better job now.