I work in a non-profit organization and thus have made lots of connections with high level managers in many different companies. Every two or three months someone asks if I can pass their resume on to one of my connections. I generally don't mind doing it as long as I honestly think they would do a good job, I'm just curious if anyone has any advice about when it comes to doing this. I typically ask them to forward it to me via email and send it along with a quick note that reads something like,

"Hi Tim, 
Haven't seen you around in a while, I hope the family is doing well. XYZ made me aware that they are curently looking for new opportunities in the area and a position at your company caught their eye. I don't know how involved you are with the hiring process, but I let them know I would be happy to pass it along. Thanks for your help." 

Is this generally acceptable? What are your best practices?

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I think this is fine as long as you genuinely think they will do a good job.  You are tacitly endorsing them by doing giving their resume to a hiring manager.  You have some credibility risk from this.  I do this for people I have worked with, and for people that have worked with someone who's opinion I trust.  I think you can help more people and maintain your reputation if you only do this for people who's skills and work habits you are comfortable recommending.  They have to be someone I would be comfortable hiring or working for.  Most people I have done this for get interviews.

The challenging part for me is communicating to someone that you aren't able to do this for them.  Especially if they know you have done this for others.