I have 1 direct on my team and have used the roadmap for a few months now. My direct is scheduled to go on maternity leave in 2 weeks. I'd like to put the scheduled roadmap tasks on hold until she will returns. 

Is it possible to pause roadmap tasks? If so, how?




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Hi Doug,

Great question. The easiest and most straight-forward answer is to mark your direct absent rather than reporting an O3 w/ them. This effectively pauses them for the week. You'd have to do this each week.

A little more complex answer would depend on where you are in the rollout. You could remove the direct from the 'Edit Team Members' task and add them back in when they come back. Then, you'd answer 'Already doing O3s' and 'Already doing Feedback' based on where you are in the rollout.

This page has some other helpful info about RoadMap too:

All the best,