Sorry for the off-topic post. I need to do some research on Payment Gateways.

I'm looking to embed functionality in an application that will handle Credit Cards, Pay by Check, Wire Transfers and potentially some others like PayPal and Amazon FPS

Does anyone have experience with a Payment Gateway that will support multiple types and is reputable?

I've looked at WordPay, Authorize.Net, TransCentral and Xcharge.. It's a lot of information to digest though, and we've had bad experiences with a couple so far.


Greg Akins

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Hi Greg

Not sure if this is what you need but in Canada (they have US operations too), we have and


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Thanks RNTT Not quite. Those look like they focus more on Brick & Mortar payments. I'm looking for something like Authorize.Net, EFSNet, or

Basically I want to be able to submit credit card information through my application (Desktop not web based). Those companies offer mechanisms for connecting to an online service, sending payment info and receiving confirmation.

They're close to what I need. But each has some slight shortcomings.