Hello everyone.
Sorry if this has already been asked or if I'm missing this topic in my search.

Is there a podcast on peer assessment? I seem to remember this a while ago and I wanted to come back to it, but I can't seem to find it.

Thanks for any help.

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On the menu bar near the top of this web-page, select "Podcasts" then "All Podcasts" to get to a list of the titles of all the Manager Tools and Career Tools podcasts.

Use your browser's "find" function (eg command-F on MacOS Safari browser) to look for specific words which might be relevant.  I found three podcasts for "360" talking about 360-degree feedback, and eleven with "peer" in the title (of which maybe two might be relevant).

This is a coarse variation on the search function available on the "Map of the Universe".  For that, on the menu bar near the top of this web-page, select "Podcasts" then "Map of the Universe", then type in eg "360" (or "peer") into its search box and click "Search".

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Thanks for the guide - I am still new in this site. Your post is indeed helpful. 

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Hope you found something useful from your searches!

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Hope you find something, the internet is vast.

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Yes I did, and I am really glad because I find a lot of really helpful and informative posts! Thanks a lot!