I am in the process of creating a new blog and developing different coaching programs. So that I could concentrate on what is managers biggest actual concern, please reply to the following questions:

-What is the single biggest frustration (problem) you have when it comes to managing a team?

-What have you tried so far that hasn't worked?

-If you had a magic wand, what would be the ideal solution for you?

-What is the biggest question you have when it comes to managing people?

Thank you so much to take the time to reply.

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Q:-What is the single biggest frustration (problem) you have when it comes to managing a team?

My biggest frustration has been the lack of people´s capacity to sort things out among themselves, just because most people can´t put themselves on each other shoes and understand people have a different take and perspective of the same problem.  A good portion of my time was sorting out differences among peers, differences than could be sort out by them, if they were only willing to talk and listen to each other.  It got to a point, all I was doing was getting the parties together in the same room to work it out, I would´t even be taking part in the discussion any longer, but if I wash´t there, they wouldn´t sit together to sort it out, it was easier to put the blame on the other.

Q: -What have you tried so far that hasn't worked?

Convincing people to engage in behaviours that will benefit themselves and the company, without them clearly connecting, perceiving the benefits for themselves, by themselves.  For example, getting people to do the 1O1´s, giving feedback, sharing information… people seem to have their own timing for things and it seems to happen either because they went through a crisis or because they finally experience the benefits of it by themselves.

Q: -If you had a magic wand, what would be the ideal solution for you?

If I had a magic wand I would make people less judgemental of each others behaviour.  In my opinion, the biggest drawbacks occurs when people start making assumptions and putting intentions on people´s minds:  90% of the conflicts would not exist if people concentrated on behaviours as Manager Tools advocates.

Q: -What is the biggest question you have when it comes to managing people?

How to engage people on behaviours that have a longer term benefit or a greater benefit for others rather then themselves.  Most people seem to be driven by immediate rewards or a very clear connection between their efforts and the rewards.  Because most lack the capacity to visualise what today is still a concept, it becomes very hard to evolve. (If Steve Job´s had asked people if they wanted the iPad, 90% would have said no!).

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1 - Finding inspiration in how other managers manage. 

2 - Everything in manager tools is working. It's scary. It's like having super powers. 

3 - I don't believe in magic ;) just hard work and study. 

4 - I question everything I do and others do. I'm looking for the big question which I don't think exists. If it does, I'll solve it and make a lot of money. 

Good of luck with your blog etc.. Maybe just provide a hyperlink to this website.

KM- out! 

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 Managing a team is always a difficult task. I also have to face lot of frustration while managing my team according to their skills and other factors.

1). While managing, when size of team increases my frustration also increases in same proportion because managing them according to their skills is always a difficult job.

2). Managing a team manually is always a hectic task as it decreases my productivity.

3). The biggest question comes in my mind is that there should be some kind of tool which would really reduce our burden of managing resources and help me to visualize my resources properly.

But fortunately I have got one such tool after trying lot other waste materials.

It is eResource Scheduler which really has eased my work and increased my productivity and helps me to manage multiple projects at same time without so much effort.

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 1. My biggest problem is balancing my desire to heap on praise and give credit for company success with the reality that complacency is the mortal enemy of any successful team. In my experience saying, "Fantastic job of achieving success with that crucial, difficult project" has the same effect as if I'd said, "You've succeeded, time to rest on your laurels, you're on cruise control from here on out. You've deserved to lay in the hammock as long as you want." Put another way, a tinge of fear over whether a person is meeting standards feeds a movitational flame, which will get snuffed out by too much praise. It's a difficult balance.


2. What have I tried that hasn't worked? Assuming the definition of success is the same for my directs as it is for me.


3. Magic wand? I don't think I'd want one. I've seen too many "Be careful what you wish for" catastrophes.


4. The biggest question I have when managing people is whether I'm up to the task. There are times I feel as if I have no business being in the position I am with so many other people counting on me to drive the success of this organization. I'll say that to my wife and she says, "That's why you're successful. Duh!" Same as #1, I've always felt a bit overwhelmed, never complacent.








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The biggest problem that I face while managing a team is getting to know them personally and at a human level. At Great Manager Institute, we believe in management at a personal level with each employee in the team. Employees are more likely to do their work with an enthusiasm that positively reflects in their work towards the final result. 

So, when it comes to relating to the employees and getting to know them, I face quite a challenge.