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In another topic, you recommended People Smarts by Tony Allesandra and I ordered it. I later found out there were three different books from the same author and they all seem similar. I ordered the second one - it's what came up when I searched for "people smarts" - and I wanted to confirm that's the one you were referring to. It may not matter; perhaps these are three different writings on the same topic/principle.

Here are the three books by Tony Allesandra:
Winning With People : Discover the People Principles that Work for You Every Time
People Smarts - Bending the Golden Rule to Give Others What They Want
People Smart: Powerful Techniques for Turning Every Encounter into a Mutual Win

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Sorry I wasn't clear - great question.

And... they're all basically the same book. I have them all, and they all work the same, and just package the stuff a bit differently.

ANY OF THE THREE ARE FINE. If you made me pick, I'd say People Smart[b]S[/b]