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 I've listened to all of the performance review casts, especially the one "with little time in the role." I'm a new manager and some expectations need to be reset amongst my directs (including at least one shot across the bow).

Problem is I've only been doing O3s for 3 months, haven't rolled out feedback or coaching yet. Some of this is going to be a surprise to people due to inflated past reviews. 

Will this hurt my relationship? Or should I not be as concerned with poor performers?


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 Have you listened to the new manager podcasts? There it says not much changes. It also says no firing on first year, etc. But then again, 90% of the people, 90% of the time. You might not fall under there. 

I think im in a similar situation like you except that ive only been in the work 3 weeks in. I haven't announce O3s yet (will do this week on our staff meeting - already on the agenda sent out). I believe i dont have a very alarming or special case so i'll proceed normally, i.e. Slowly. 

I also have a "poor" performer who thinks he's great. Everyone complains about him because he doesn't help out with other people's work. His productivity is much lower than his peers. What i've done so far is give positive and negative feedback before its time to the "problematic" direct and his peers as well for "voicing out" in public about the person not doing anything or not helping at all. 

All the while, im taking notes and thinking how to address the behavior in the long-run when i start my O3s. For the mean time, i just assign tasks to this direct (not the MT way, because i know he'll come back to me with a busy slate, just as he did a couple of times already - which will be another topic during our O3s). But for the others, i follow MT guidance on assigning tasks. 

I think it's not a matter of not being concerned with poor performers. You are still their manager. Everything they do or not do is still your responsibility. I don't know you relationship with your team but i'll address it in the O3s. I wont rely on performance reviews. 

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With such a short time in the role, I would do the reviews as everyone else does them this time and flag that you'll be making changes going forward.

Look, if they've been doing crappy reviews for years one more isn't going to hurt anyone.   You'll have time to put your stamp on it when you set next year's goals with the directs.

From the employee's perspective, it isn't really fair on them to have you change the goalposts this late in the game.   If you've had less than 6 months as their manager, you've got to remember the review is for the entire year and that they were working to the previous boss' standards - which isn't their fault.

To phrase it another way - at this stage, there's too much risk to you with not enough reward to doing it your way.  Start fresh with next year's goals.



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 Ok, sounds like I should give the poor performers nothing less than a "3" (out of 5) then, but not a fake gleaming review, either. And "flagging" sounds like a sort of  informal "here's what you did before and here's what I expect moving forward." Sound reasonable? I also know that one of the directs is going to push me and raise the voice and say 'but I deserve a 5!" because they have been so mislead about their performance, unfortunately.

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I apologize but cannot recall the podcast but you need to listen to it.

1. Performance reviews are documents for the company. Match the company standard.
2. Give your directs a frank review that shows what you really need them to hear but don't give it to the company.

If your company does not collect the reviews then I would still follow the system above for this year but tell them that next year the frank review becomes the standard.


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