Hi Manager Tools,

I really liked your cast on how to deliver performance reviews.  But if the delivered performance review already has the employees raise and salary increase does the employee really have a chance to ask questions and give input on the result? 

Suppose the employee convinces you that you were too harsh in the review.  You can't really go back and change the review after you calibrated it with all the other managers.  And it seems dangerous to ask for input if you can't actually act on the input.

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If you do a good job of documenting your weekly one-on-ones, review that data and anything else available in the prep phase of the review, and then get their self evaluation 2 weeks ahead of time and incorporate that into your review, then there is very little chance that you'll be surprised by their feedback during the review meeting.  And if they do manage to surprise you, then it must be with some input that was not in your documentation or in their self eval, in which case you would be safe to mark the new input to be considered for the next review.  And that review is only 3 months away, not a full year, so they're not losing much time.  I bet in the future they'll give more complete input on their self-eval.