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Dear Manager Tools community

I'm preparing for my performance review (mid-year in Oz public sector), and am wondering how to tackle achievements from the seven months of this financial year when I was posted, at my request, to another government department.

My manager has previously said that he doesn't want to preference me, even if I performed my role elsewhere very well, compared to my high-performing peers who have stayed in the organisation. I'm thinking my focus should be on highlighting the value I have brought back to my organisation, in particular my new role of managing a small team. 

I'm using the M-Tools approach to my review; a little late in the day but very useful of course nonetheless. 

My manager is very fair, approachable and thoughtful with more an intuitive rather than meticulous, evidence-based approach to performance reviews. 

Your comments and thoughts would be much appreciated. 

Thanks too gentlemen for your outstandingly helpful casts. 

Regards, Jackie.