I recently finished a couple books, "First, Break All the Rules" and "Good to Great", and have been thinking about a hedge hog concept for the team I supervise at work. I have read other books as well, these ones I have just finished.

Here are a couple questions that I am left with and would love to have a discussion on:

Is a hedge hog concept the same as a mission statement?

Does one need a personal mission statement before they can develop a mission statement for a team they manage in their professional life? Should they be the same?

Would any one be willing to share their personal mission statement / Hedgehog concept? I am working on mine, the theme I keep coming back to is to leave something better than when I got it.

Reading manement books, listening to podcasts, taking courses online, having mentors, reading forums, etc... as given me so many ideas and insights that I am having a hard time getting my self organized and personalizing the concepts. What are your thoughts or approach?