I would like to thank Mark and Mike for having such a useful and enjoyable podcast. I identify with Mike most of the time (you're really good at asking clarifying questions, Mike) but, Mark, you could be my older brother talking to me. (He steals the show at ALL family functions - ultra-high I with a solid dose of D).

I have been an "accidental" PM or lead engineer mainly because I've always delivered well. But lately I have been moving into more pure project management. It is tough for me - I [i]hate [/i]mediocrity and I want to jump in there and do it (knowing that I can). Listening to your show has helped me tremendously. I have a lot of things to work on but I really think I can make the transition. You've empowered me to know that I can have high expections for others without being alienating.

My avatar is Princess Leah (with a gun) because she is supremely capable and captures my "D" tendencies (which turns people off at first) but as the film progresses you see her passion and she evolves into an inspiring leader.

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Welcome aboard Colleen!

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Great to have you here, Colleen!

And thanks so much for the kind remarks on the podcast .... we try hard! :-)


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Hey Colleen!

It's nice to see another Philly person around!