When I found out yesterday I would have a call back interview via the telephone I knew what I needed to do. I got on MT and searched on phone interview. The information contained on this site is, to me, invaluable. I really appreciate the checklist format of the phone interview .pdf - shower, check; put cat up, check; go to the bathroom, check; etc. It is the little things that in hindsight seem as common sense but when I am in the thick of it sometimes are overlooked. For instance, stand up when talking and remember to smile. I need those little nudges. When I was done I closed with the ask instead of the usual "nice to talk to you." Finally, I was so energized because I really did talk a little louder, smiled, and stood. Thanks MT for all you do.

One other thing, be in place thirty minutes early like the handout states. I was in place thirty minutes before the scheduled interview studying my notes and the interviewer called me twenty minutes early. Oh, I did not mention it at all I just drove on with the interview.

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Sounds like you did well.  Nothing like having better prep than the other guys!



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Wish I had known all those things when i was interviewing years ago - very cool!

Let us know how it went~





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If the objective was for a fit, the series of interviews went very well for me. Whether I receive an offer or not, I do not see myself fitting in at this particular company.


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It is standard for my outfit to do phone interviews and I have heard a lot of bad ones. Nothing like energy, preparation, and (in the absence of body langauge cues from the interviewer) actually listening to and aswering the questions.

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It's usually pretty hard to judge fit over the phone.  If they do call you in for another interview, I'd advise accepting.  The in person interview with either confirm or refute your take on fit.  Once you've seen the place and the team then I'd make that decision.  You don't know what was happening on the other side of the phone when you gad the phone interview.