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I'm wondering how many days I should wait before I follow-up after a phone interview. I had my interview on Friday morning, sent a thank-you email immediately afterwards, and I'm mailing a hard copy thank you card today. Would Wednesday (three business days) be too soon for a follow-up? I want to keep on this without annoying the guy -- I figured a full week would probably be too long to wait.

By the way, I closed for the first time ever! I was terrified to say those words "I want an offer" but I did it, and repeated it in my thank you message -- hopefully it helps!

Thank you!



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I’ve been waiting to see if anyone else jumps in on this question as I am in the same situation. I would typically call within the week to see if any further information is needed and re-iterate that a face-to-face might be the next step and when can that be arranged. The in-house HR or Recruiter would probably be your first stop to see how the process is moving.


I am in a protracted process that is taking up to 4 weeks to get to the end and make the next steps so I am keeping in touch weekly.

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SC and DParkin:

My view is that one should wait a week. Any shorter and there may not be an update. Any longer and you may seem disinterested.

You are correct to send a thank you note immediately after the phone email. Depending on where everyone is located, if you reach out too soon, you may follow-up on the day a snail mailed thank you note arrives. In doing so, you may lose the benefit of regular contact by having 2 contacts in a day.

If a hiring manager is interviewing a group of people in a 7 to 10 day period, giving the hiring manager 7 days gives them an opportunity to finish most if not all of the phone interviews. If you are the first interview, you follow up about the time when they may know who will advance. If you are one of the last interviews, you given them a chance to digest the interviews and confer.

Unless the hiring manager tells you a decision will be made in more than a week, anything beyond a 7 day period is too long. There is a benefit of regular contact - even if it is an email expressing interest and briefly mentioning something timely about the company and how you fit in with regards to that issue.

It is a fine balance as far as follow-ups. I cannot speak for every hiring manager, but weekly seems to be a good point. After that, a week seems to be a good balance between being disinterested and being a pest.

 Best of luck!