I've used the posts on hiring and interviewing to construct a phone interview.

For the most part, it seemed to go well, and my boss loved the feedback that I provided (structured as suggested in the "Quick and Dirty" cast).

But I'd like to improve the interview, and am looking for advice on ways to do that.

Does anyone have any links to information on better phone interviewing?

I want to "Set the bar high" but am afraid that I'll weed out too many people that might interview better in person?

I kept the interview short (approx 15 - 20 minutes). Is it better to go longer, or keep it short and get more detail in the face to face?

I've used Mark's advice to "Find a reason to say no" (I think that was his advice ;-) But am afraid I've been a little too "particular".

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Hi Greg,

I try and stick to questions which qualify candidates but which are simple rather than complex. Questions like:

Have you had training in:
Have you lead a team? How big was it?
Did you have a budget? How much was it?

The idea being to confirm that candidates have the qualifications/experience we are looking for, rather than trying to assess behaviour which is harder over the phone. And yes, I keep it to no more than 20 minutes.

Does that help?


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Thanks Wendii, that does help.

I'm also going to try to interview a few friends who I know would be a good fit; even if they've not expressed interest in the job. That hopefully will increase my "data".