Hello MT Community,

I would greatly appreciate some advice related to this, perhaps unusual, situation.


  • On three separate occasions during the last few weeks I have been out drinking (quite heavily) with several people I know in high-ranking positions in large multinational firms. Each has told me that they will help me get a foot in the door if I want to join their company. They are aware that I am looking for something new and that I lack a basic understanding of their industry. 


  • Should I take their drunken offers as just a sign of friendship and support or are they serious?
  • How should I follow up on their drunken offers when we are sober and more cognizant?

Any guidance or input would be fantastic.



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Follow up like it was not a night of drinking, IE, professionally and respectfully.  Do not allude to the drinking part of things.  For example:  Hi Bob, I want to follow up on what we spoke about Wednesday night.  I am really interested in making a change and would appreciate some guidance.  Can we get together for a chat?  

Nice, simple and sweet.  If Bob says yes, you know how to take it.  If he says no, you know it was drunkspeak. 




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Remember the context. Sometimes we say and do things when drinking that we would not do while sober and thinking clearly. We might meet someone of our preferred gender and take them home. We might drive. We might make promises we have no intention of keeping. Or, we can actually do things that fit in perfectly with our normal behavior, like offer to help out a friend.

The only way to know the difference, as *RNTT says, is to call and ask.

And remember that heavy drinking with potential employers may not be the best way to impress them,