Hi all,


I think I may have a strange request for you. I am a master student of Business Administration from The Netherlands, and I am currently working on my master thesis. My subject is change management, and more specifically, I would like to study the role of leadership during organizational change operations.


I am finding it very hard to find respondents that match the target population. The target audience are employees who have experienced a change operation in the past, or who are currently experiencing a change operation at their company. Country of origin, industry type or type of organization really don't matter. The only important criterion is that the employees should be subordinates and change recipients.


If it's not too much trouble, could you please fill out my survey? The survey is in English and takes about 10 min to fill out. It is also fully confidential, and this is guaranteed by the University of Amsterdam. I would very much appreciate your help!


This is the link to my survey:


Thanks a million!