Good evening and Happy New Year!

I am so glad I have found the Managers Tools podcasts and website!  It has been an invaluable resource over the last few weeks. 

I have listened to the MT "Project Management O3's" cast and searched the forum for guidance, but I wanted to make sure that my thinking for my situation was on-track. 

I am looking for some recommendations on the scheduling and format of project updates with my team members when they 1) are in the field 3-5 days a week, 2) may be scheduled to deliver services for my project between 1-6 days a month, and 3) may be full-time or per-diem. 

In my division, we deliver professional learning services for educators--professional development sessions, instructional coaching visits, executive coaching services.  School districts can purchase any number of days, but once they contract us to deliver at least 200 days of services, a project manager is assigned to oversee the service delivery.  Like my team members, I as the PM am also involved in delivering service days as well as working out of my home office on the days I am not in the field.

My initial thoughts: Project update meetings will have to be completed over the phone, since team members and I are in the field 80% of the time.  Also, frequency of the meetings should be based on how often the team member is delivering project-related service days and within a few days of delivery.

Is there anything I'm missing?  Anything that would increase effectiveness?

Thanks in advance!