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I have had a very good experience with using O3s in the past, with both direct reports and non-directs. I am about to start PMO3s and would appreciate any comments on the two questions below.


1) I am consultant PM in a department where I task out work and people report to me, but I do not write their reviews and they are not my directs.  Does anyone have experience in this area?


2) The location of my PMO3s is to be my cubicle, but I am adjacent to some key people in my team's chain of command, so I think that may make folks less likely to share. Also, on occasion you can hear a pin drop in this office. I really prefer my desk for O3s and don't want to grab an ad hoc conference room for every O3, but it is just not as private as I would like.


Any comments or past experiences will be appreciated!

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For me 03s are all about communication. I don't see it being any less productive if the people you're meeting aren't your directs. You might have more trouble with resistance. If they're your directs they might begrudgingly go along with 03s until they realize the value, it might not be the same dynamic if they're not your directs. Perhaps frame it more like a suggestion to get together to touch base rather than an 03. If they don't want to they'll see others doing it and probabably will want to be part of it.

I'd probably go ahead and reserve the conference room and schedule the meetings to occur within the time block.