I was curious-- I dug through a bunch of podcasts, but didn't find it.  Is there a podcast yet specifically discussing how to adjust to being the new manager of the team you used to be a part of?

This happened to me about a year ago (and has happened a lot in my department). I was part of a team of analysts, and our manager left for a new job; I was promoted into his role after being a team member for a few years.  I'm still relatively new at this position and it took several months of transition to get the team to realize that I was now their boss, not their coworker.   I was thinking about folks this may happen to and wondered if Mark and Mike had discussed this in a podcast with pointers about how to handle the transition from co-worker/friend to boss.

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The topic is covered here:


It's not exclusively about being promoted within, but it does address that issue explicitly in the podcast.   

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