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Congratulations to Michael & Mark, Manager Tools was voted the Best Business Podcast at [url][/url]

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Congratulations again guys, well deserved of course.

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Kudos!! :D

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Woohoo! The page says that the average person voted three times. This only proves, once again, that I'm above average! :lol:

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Phew! Now I don't feel so bad for only voting a few times. :-) Congratulations Mark and Mike.

Will -- nicely put.

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Congratulations Mark & Mike! If I remember right, that's three years running. Well deserved, too!

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Oh Dave

Always with the running references! :wink:

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You funny guys!

Congrats Mike and Mark!


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Thanks, everyone ... we owe it all to you.

We're very blessed to have such great support!

Now we're on the hook to return the favor by working even harder! :-)

best regards,

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That was our plan all along....


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Contratulations and Thanks!

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I'm kind of a podcast nerd and M&M were one of the two shows I nominated. It takes time to care but they make it well worth it.

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Aaaahhh well done fellas. You rock! (still!)

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Thanks folks.

I don't know if we talked about this on a cast, or if we have mentioned at a conference or at one of our meet ups, but the original plan was for both Mike and I to go out and get the award this year.

But, we've been told that only the People's Choice Award and Best Produced will be highlighted, and the rest of the award winners will simply be announced, and be offered to tape a 2-3 minute interview or pitch which will be able to be used to promote the winner's site.

So, Mike will go to represent us, and I will spend an extra day with a corporate client. Mike will also be learning more about our next horizon, which includes video casts.

I really wanted to go, but under the circumstances, it doesn't make sense.


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Thank you both for your weekly advice. There is no question in my mind why you won. It was well deserved and hands down you are the best business advice podcast out there. Keep up the great work.