Around the same time that the cast on "I hate my new job" was aired, I found a very interesting cast on the issues people face when transitioning into a new role. It forms a nice counterpoint to the MT cast. Called "Work success and work adjustment", it comes from

The show notes are here:

The cast can be downloaded from the career counselling section here:

I'm in the same situation. Six months in a new role, new organisation and having difficulty adjusting. I was unemployed for two months following a downsize and I know that this has affected my ability to "belong and own" the new job.

This cast covers areas like defining an organisational identity. It also address the issues facing mid-career workers in new roles where past experience isn't factored into the on-boarding (which has definately happenned to me).

Definately worth a listen.


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I have been at my organization for just over two years now as a field service technician. I love the company and am in the process of continuing to build my network internally but am wondering if the 18 month rule applies within an organization. I recently took a position (6 months ago) which required a relocation and feel as though I made a bad decision in accepting the job. Would it be a faux pas to seek another position within the company at this point?


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Some bosses think all job shopping, internally or externally, at any time is a faux pas with maximum terminal velocity. It really depends on their reaction. I would support you searching elsewhere. I know others would immediately set out to undermine you and get rid of you if they learned you were job shopping.

I don't think it is an etiquette rule. A good manager supports personal growth and can adapt to this sort of thing supportively getting a win-win out of it. But most managers are not good managers.

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Interesting post, Linda

I was just talking with a friend of mine who is a business/life coach. She says everyone focuses on the 30-60-90 day plan for how to fit into the new organization.

Almost no one, she says, does the 30-60-90 day plan for their life adjustments outside of work. How it will affect your eating, your fitness, your family, your spiritual/religious practices, your chill time.

Changing roles is stressful, be it internally or after a layoff. We should plan for life outside of work as well.