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BLUF: How do I share MP3 audio files with friends with no Internet connection?.

I would like to help my friends (More than 200 of them as managerial colleagues whom I know personally and more than 1100 in safety professional forum in India which I mentor) across India, to manage their career better by helping them to avail manager tool resource. I help some of them now by giving advise over phone based on what I learned over MT and some have received offer.( Which I have posted in this forum).

In country like India where broadband connection is still a distant dream. (My connection speed is 512 Kbps thats the maximum available for home connection in a BIG Metro like Bangalore and I am less than 10% of the people to own Broadband. A MT audio file takes 10 Min to download) Telephone lines are order of the day in BIG, medium and small class towns,with download speed less than 3Kbps. A 20 Mb file will take more than 2 Hrs to download and also cost of using telephone line is 1$ an Hour for each one of them. (The internet usage is calculated as a call for every 5 Minutes or so and you cant receive incoming calls).

So in such situation, what is the best way to share audio MP3 files with such People who can be helped to listen to the podcast files and make themselves a better manager as well as manage their career. I agree that there are copyright issues. I am talking about only Free and/ or Members only casts. I read your post on requesting someone to remove podcasts from their Server for sharing files.

Interview series and show notes are outside the scope, I fully respect the copyright aspects and I agree thats altogether different and what has a financial value cant be given for free.

I am sure this will be the situation in many of the developing countries where internet/ web technology has still not penetrated. Not sure If I have read such posts here.

I look forward to some thoughts and ideas from Members. I am enjoying the benefit of technology in a flat world which has thrown knowledge as a power as well a competitive advantage out of the window. I would very much like to pass the benefit to people who are deprived of the knowledge for the lack of infrastructure for no fault of theirs.

Looking forward to the ideas and thoughts.


For information, I downloaded 70 of the 120 MT podcasts when I was in Japan in April 2007 in 2 days,at download speed of 1MBPS, (It put download speed in other parts of the world where I had been as [b]slow[/b]). My Korean colleague who was with me at Tokyo told me that "wait I till come to Korea" to see for myself the lightning downloads.

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On a related note what is the situation with sharing content within one's own organisation? For example if I've been talking to a colleage about O3s can they express an interest can I email them the MP3 files and a link to the site or can I only send them a link to the site?


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Obviously this is M&M's call. But I had a thought. Since they do have Internet, they could go online and register as a member. They could even read and contribute to the forums. Heck, they could also vote at Podcast Alley!

Then, just share the appropriate downloads. (For instance, if Bob and Joe both paid for premium content, but Joe had lousy Internet, could Bob give the downloaded files to Joe?)

Another option would be to have a LAN party at your house. Everyone brings their laptop and uses your broadband to download their own stuff.

M&M have always made a point of wanting to make the world a better place through better management. I am sure they'll figure out the right thing to do here. Probably even a better idea than I just threw out. :)

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Usage of Manager-Tools in an organisation was recently discussed in the General Questions & comments forum. [url][/url]

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If you have a couple of friends you want to share a cast or two with, please do so directly. We do want to help all managers. And, there's some benefits to all managers if we're careful about how we do that.

Here are some use cases: if you want to share 1-2 casts on a case by case basis, to help someone sign up, great: do so.

Certainly share a link, and rave about us in the email you send.

If you want to email 50 people a link, please do so.

If you want to share a cast with 10 people all at once, you're reaching the point at which we'd prefer you have them come to us for that.

Using the idea of "sharing with 1-2 casts" to host our files and make it available to anyone, or just o a few friends to make your sharing easy, by pointing them to it inside your firewall, or something along those lines...we'd prefer you not do that.

Hope this helps a bit.


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Mike and I are pondering this. For now, we'd ask that you hold off on large scale sharing.


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[quote="mahorstman"] Hope this helps a bit.[/quote]

Thank you, that's helped a lot.


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Thanks Mark.
Will wait to hear further Instructions from you on a way forward.