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I think a podcast focused on how to set effective goals would be appreciated. I think you've covered this in various podcasts, but it'd be nice to have it rolled up into one convienent podcast.

Topics to address include:
1 Which company goal setting styles do you like?
2 How to work within company goal programs (whether you like the program or not)?
3 How many goals to set? I think I have a tendency to set too many goals (thus creating a circus act).
4 How often? For example company sets them quarterly. But you probably want to monitor and set some goals more often than that.
5 What does a good goal look like? Do you recommend SMART goals?
6 How should goals be tied to compensation?
7 What do you think of company bonus programs? I understand the need to reward results, but I've never seen a bonus program that I've liked.

I'm a recent addition to the Manager Tools community and absolutely love the podcasts. It's going to take me a while to listen to all 2.67 days of podcasts... but I will catch up.


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Of course just after I post this I start listening to
The Art of Coaching ([url][/url]) podcast which has some good stuff on goals.

Still I think a focus on goals is a worthy topic of a future podcast to help pull it all together.


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I have been looking for a podcast on goals as well and would like to see a couple of podcasts on this topic.

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I agree. This would be a great series of casts.

The only thing worse than having obscure and subjective goals is delivering them to your directs. When the goals are clearly stated with absolute measureables and accountables, your year goes so much better. You can actually manage progress to objectives versus managing objectives struggling to be progress.

At times these goals require significant change due to shifts in company strategy, or increased responsibility, or the passing of your small rocks to them, etc., then these are reflected in updated goals during the quarterly updates. O3 meetings are made for this...