The topic really says it all.  I was hoping that our fearless management duo might provide their first ever movie review in the form of either a blog entry or podcast (or both).  In previous podcasts, the movie Wall Street was referenced.  

If others have seen it, what did you think?


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He thought it should be harder hitting.

""Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" isn't nearly as merciless as I expected. It's an entertaining story about ambition, romance and predatory trading practices, but it seems more fascinated than angry. Is Stone suggesting this new reality has become embedded, and we're stuck with it?"

Also, and totally unrelated, if you have not read Ebert's review of Twilight, it's not to be missed:

"The characters in this movie should be arrested for loitering with intent to moan. .... Sitting through this experience is like driving a tractor in low gear though a sullen sea of Brylcreem."