I've been following MT for many years and the politics at work cast, whilst interesting, was one of the few that didn't cross the Atlantic too well!

My view is that in the UK a level of political discourse is almost expected, especially at a senior level.  The gold rule is to be measured in your comments and certainly not to appear extreme in any way.

Similarly my firm (a multinational), like many others, encourages participation in the political process.

Now religion at work... that's a whole different kettle of fish!

Contrast my brother-in-law's US firm where participation in morning prayers is expected. I don't think that would ever be tolerated in a UK business.


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Don't assume that your brother-in-law's single data point equates to common practice in the US.  As counterpoint I offer my personal experience at 25+ firms (I was a consultant for a while), including public & private & not-for-profit, small & large (from less than 10 to more than 100K employees), and a wide array of industries.  I've never experienced your brother-in-law's situation. 

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Hi LBClark,

It's about culture and while it can be interesting to participate in political discussion, I believe Mark & Mike's advise is just as if not more valid here in the UK.

In the majority of cases you will not offend people of they will not see it as unprofessional, however the one time it happens it's not worth the pain and you usually first realize when you boss are talking to you about it...
Keep your head down and stay quite on politic's.

Kind Regards

Mads Sorensen

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