The world is so global I'm not sure what I am anymore. I am an American by birth, have lived in Germany the last 8 years, and now I have apartments in both Germany and Bangalore, India - the latter where I spend most of my time. I look after a team of the world's most talented, creative and hardworking software engineers, who I've had the priviledge to cherry-pick.

So I naturally listen to the podcasts with my once-American-but-now-foreign ears, and I have to say, the podcasts are right on the money each time. Mike and Mark show a pretty good multicultural awareness for "mere" Americans. 8)

I haven't listened to all the podcasts yet, but future podcast topics that would interest me:

- management of change
- best practices for handling situations in which you are assigned
business targets without the full ability to reach them
- best practices for situations with high "adversity quotients," i.e. are you constrained by yourself, or can you do things to be more successful

Keep up the good work!


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Welcome aboard! Sorry this took me so long... just kept missing your post.

We look forward to your insights.