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I'm a relatively new listener -- I've been listening for about 6 months, and absolutely love the podcast. It's transformed my resume, and it helped me doing really well in a recent interview. I'm seeking some professional advice regarding my post-interview situation. I've looked online, but I am now extremely wary on online "advice" after learning so much from Manager Tools!

So, here's what's going on - I applied to a position online, had a phone interview the next day, and had an in-person interview the day after that -- that was last Thursday, and now it's Tuesday and I haven't heard anything. I know that generally, it might take a week and that's considered "normal", but at the end of my interview with the CEO (after which I met with his colleagues), he said that he'd like to meet with me again after I spoke to his colleagues to discuss logistics such as timing for starting and salary (good sign, right!). Well, he had to leave the office to go check out their new office location (they were moving the next day, Friday), and never made it back; he told my other interviewer to let me know he'd call me to wrap up. Again, I haven't heard from him or anyone. I sent a thank you email to all four people I interviewed with the same day, and sent hard copy thank you cards the next day, addressed to their new office location, where they started working at yesterday (Monday). So, obviously with the move, there's a lot going on, but I'm still nervous that he hasn't followed-up when he seemed so interested. He even said to me that it seems like I can fit right in and based on my experience, that I'd having a running start.

I plan to follow-up by email with him tomorrow, Wednesday.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps I'm overlooking something. The silence is driving me nuts...

Thanks so much!

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] The silence is driving me nuts...

Despite your anxiety, follow-up by email or phone once per week. You *did* send handwritten thank you notes also...yes!?

For more guidance, have you purchased the Interviewing Series?

Your situation is covered by the "How to Follow-Up" guidance. Welcome to the forums!

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Hi TL,

Thank you for your reply. I will listen to the follow-up episode now. Yes, I did send hand-written thank you cards, the day after my interview.

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I'm with you; career advice is mostly crap. I needed something that was a standard. Manager Tools was that standard.

It sounds like you need to read "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie. Such a great book; it's given me strategies on how to best manage my anxiety problems, and has seriously transformed how I think about work. 


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 I was stunned with how vulnerable it made me feel just putting my resume out there, not to mention playing the waiting game after each step in the process.  Just know that you are not alone in the anxiety.  Maybe it will ease some of the tension to know that you are completely normal in this!