I had a job interview on Friday which I walked away from feeling pretty good. The interview itself took 1hr 40 mins, I was asked about my availability and at the end they said "see you soon".

Pre interview, a friendly guy from HR phoned me to wish me well and confirm I was still ok to attend at the agreed time. He also said I should give him a call on Monday to chat about how I felt like I went.

So, over the weekend I emailed the HR guy a thank you, asking him to forward it to the people that interviewed me (they didn't give me their contact details).  On Monday I phoned the HR guy as he suggested.  My first call was unanswered so I left it a few hours. I tried again in the afternoon and left a voicemail for him to call me back.

It's now Wednesday and I haven't heard anything - not a response to the email or a phone call.  Can anybody give me any advice?? i'd love to just call the HR guy again but I think there is a fine line between being showing and reinforcing adequate interest in the job and looking overly keen and not understanding boundaries.  On the other hand it's fast becoming the only thing on my mind and I have a current job to focus on!!

any advice?


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Have you sent them a thank you card? That is to say a hand-written, mailed in an envelope with a postage stamp (not an email) thank you note? If not, do so today.

If you don't already have it, I highly recommend the interviewing series ( ), there are some great casts in there that will answer the questions you are asking and give you a little peace of mind regarding what to do next.

Good luck with your search!